Research & Development

  • Animal Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Products

    Investigation and manufacture of new generation of highly effective pharmaceutical products with minimal harm effects

    Kinds of R & D Products

    1. Skin infectious disease treatment
    2. Antibiotics
    3. Antipyretics and analgesics
    4. Multi-symptom anthelmintics
    5. Medicine for heartworm diseases
    6. Medicine for otitis externa and skin diseases
  • Herbal Formulations

    Development of alternative medicines made of natural ingredients (herbal medicines) in order to produce safe products for livestock

    Kinds of R & D Products

    1. Medicines for cow mastitis
      Development of antibiotic alternatives
      (herbal medicines)
    2. Medicines for livestock diarrhea
      Development of antibiotic alternatives
      (herbal medicines)
    3. Medicines for coccidiosis in chicken
      Development of chemical alternatives
      (herbal medicines)
  • Supplementary Feed

    Development of supplementary feed highly effective using minimal amounts of additives in order to deliver healthiness to our animals

    Kinds of R & D Products

    1. Omega-3 supplements
    2. Heart health supplements
    3. Liver health supplements
    4. Joint health supplements
    5. Multivitamins

R&D Future Goals

  • 01

    Metabolic profiling test for dairy cattle management and feeding

  • 02

    Pathology and histology clinical tests for livestock and pets

  • 03

    Stability tests for animal pharmaceutical products

R & D process