Corporate Identity

Symbol mark



The symbol is the visual icon that represents Careside in every communication activity. Progress and perfection get visualized by the oval representing the Earth enlightened strongly by the light beams. This symbolize Careside’s continuous spirit of challenge and the striving for a further leap forward into a wider world under the light of harmony and solidarity.


As the symbol is the most important element at every communication activity, it is required a precise application and an accurate control during the use in order to display correctly its functions.
Picture’s duplicate should be used as reference. If a special size were required, it should be created according to a geometrical construction of the bellowing figure.

Symbol’s Color

The colors of the symbol include Main Color (M100 Y100 K30) and Sub Color (K25) in principle. For monochrome display, Main Color (K70) and Sub Color (K25) should get applied.

Korean/ English Basic type



The logo type (alongside to the symbol and color) is one of the three elements that shapes Careside’s image. It was designed to match the symbol.
For a correct use, it be clearly legible at first glance.

Korean / English


The signature is the result of the ideal combination of the symbol and the logo type allowing an uniform image. It plays an important role among the CI’s icons.
In order to use it effectively, the proportions and the space between the symbol and the logo type shouldn’t be randomly changed.

Left and right combination type

  • Korean type

  • English type

Up and down combination type

  • Korean type

  • English type

Example of special use

Special use of SYMBOL