CEO greetings

I’m sincerely thankful for your support toCareside during the last 15 years.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have been committed to the commercial business of pharmaceutical products for pets and livestock based on the philosophy of open and autonomous management, and ethical administration.

During this time Careside has gained recognition because of its breakthrough technology and became a leading company specialized in pharmaceutical products for animals in Korea.

Thanks to their good performances Careside’s products: shampoo for derma treatment, oral care products, special nutritional products and supplementary feeds, have been well recognized for technicians along the global market. They have satisfied veterinarians and guardians and had being used successfully on companion animals. Here at Careside we don’t get satisfied with the past. We are dedicated to carry out the development and the producing of new generation of high effective pharmaceutical products. Trough a continuous and enthusiastic research we will keep working to minimize harm on our pets to allowed them a happier life.

In addition, we compromise to minimize the using of additives to help in the delivery of a healthiness for our animals. Also we will do our best in order to manufacture safe products for livestock using foremostly herbal ingredients.

We will always try our best to be a company that makes the world a happy place for our animals and also we can be happy together.
Best regards,

Chairman: Young-kook YOO