2002 ~ 2006

2007 ~ 2011
Expansion and Development

2012 ~ 2016
Upturn and Improvement

2002.03 CARESIDE KOREA foundation.
2002.03 Launching of Heagen’s ANALYST (biochemical automatic analyzer)
2003.04 Launching of Sharn Veterinary’s CARDELL MONITOR (blood pressure monitor)
2003.04 Administration offices relocation at Hangang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
2004.06 Launching of Schloesing Laboratorie’s MS9-5 MS4 SERIES (hematology analyzer)
2004.07 Launch of AFP IMAGIN's X-ray imaging device for animals (IMAGE-VET) and X-ray digital imaging device (EVA-VET)
2005.05 Launch of VETOQUINOL USA's oral care products (ENZADENT) and functional feeds (RENAL K, Viralys)
2005.06 Launch of ANDOVER HEALTH CARE's elastic bandages (PETFLEX, POWERFLEX, COFLEX)
2005.07 Launch of PET KING BRANDS's oral care products (ORATENE) and ear-skin care products (ZYMOX)
2006.01 Launch of OCUSCIENCE (REVET)'s electroretinography (ERG) for animals (HMSERG)
2006.03 Launch of TRM's STAYSOUND​
2008.01 Administration offices relocation at Moonrae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
2009.01 Launching of S+B Medvet’s HDO, MD SERIES (blood pressure gauge)
2009.08 Registration as Supplementary Feed Manufacturer Industrial production and launching of HEPACARDIO-C
2010 Transformed to CARESIDES CO, LTD.
2010 Headquarters relocation at Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do
2010 Beginning of KVGMP plant construction for animals pharmaceutical products
2011.03 Construction of f KVGMP plant completed
2011.03 Manufacturing of animal pharmaceutical products and supplementary feed
2011.07 START-UP BUSINESS CERTIFICATION by Korean Technology Finance Corporation
2012.04 Launching of Care Finland’s TONOVET (tonometer)
2012.04 Corporate capital growth to ₩320 millon (U$D280000)
2013.01 Corporate Research Center get certificated by Korean Industrial Technology Association as NATIONAL CLINICAL VETERINARY AND MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER
2013.08 Second manufacturing plant establishment in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.
2013.08 Corporate capital growth from ₩320 millon to ₩450 millon (U$D 400000)
2014.04 Supplementary feed exportation to China and Taiwan.
2014.10 Designation by Military Labor Force Administration as AFFILIATED RESEARCH COMPANY (for the Alternative Military Service))
2016.02 Established Pet Maru Co., Ltd, a brand specialized in companion animals
2016.11 Launching of Argentina Biogenesis Bago’s ATOGEN OLIO FMD (cow foot and mouth disease vaccine)